Alberta FCC AGM
January 18& 29 – 2020
at Ponderosa City, AB click on link below for directions
Jan 18th AGM 2:00 PM Supper 5:00 PM followed by music and fellowship
Jan 19th – Breakfast @9:00 am followed by music and fellowship
Contact: John FitzHerbert to let us know if you will be there for supper. 403 652 1377 or Debbie at oldwomanabu@gmail.com

Saskatchewan FCC AGM
Feb 1, 2020, in Saskatoon, Sask.
We will be meeting at the South Corman Park Log Cabin. Please join us for a good time of fellowship, potluck supper, games, skating and tobogganing for the kids.
Contact: Brian Hunstad 306 544 7976 sole.solutions@live.ca