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2 Timothy 4:2

Preach the word as an official messenger; be ready when the time is right and even when it is not keep your sense of urgency, whether the opportunity seems favorable or unfavorable, whether convenient or inconvenient, whether welcome or unwelcome; correct those who err in doctrine or behavior, warn those who sin, exhort and encourage those who are growing toward spiritual maturity, with inexhaustible patience and faithful teaching.
   Who do you need to talk to this week?




Thank God for Cowboys

Favorite Praise The Lord

Acts 4:29

 And now, Lord, listen to what they are saying. They are trying to make us afraid. We are your servants.
|Help us to say what you want us to say without fear.

   The world needs to hear His loving words.
Are you afraid to say them? 


Matthew 22:5

“But when the servants told the people to come,
they refused to listen.

They all went to do other things.
One went to work in his field,
and another went to his business.

   Do you get discouraged when people refuse to listen?
 Keep inviting!

Thank God for Cowboys

Alberta Cowboy Church

Vulcan Rodeo Grounds            
August 20th 10:00 am    
Irving Rodeo Grounds
Sept 3rd 10:00
CFR – Edmonton
November 12th – 10:00 am    
John FitzHerbert                   
403 652 1377  

Teepee Creek Cowboy Church
Teepee Creek Hall
2nd Sunday of the month – 10:30 am
Barb and Kevin Quist
780 568 3510

Community Cowboy Church
Niton Junction Hall
Every Tuesday – 7:00 pm
Ron Deleeuw
780 728 9088

Mighty Peace Cowboy Church
Eureka Hall

1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month – 7:00 pm
Ginger Patton 780 834 6551
Blue Hale 780 494 2062

Viking Auction Mart
Viking, AB
Last Friday of Each Month –
7:30 pm
Terry Leslie

780 376 3599

Sunrise Place
High River, AB
4th Sunday of Each Month –1:00 pm
John FitzHerbert
403 652 1377


Thank God for Cowboys