FCC members organize Cowboy Church services at events and/or rodeos in their local areas.  They gather for trail rides, week-end retreats, Bible study and fellowship with members, competitors, families and spectators who wish to participate.  Various ministry material are available for distribution at Cowboy Church, booths and other livestock related events.

Who We Are

The Fellowship of Christian Cowboys is an interdenominational group seeking to bring to the western and rodeo world the support and encouragement of Christian Fellowship

Our Belief Statement

We believe the Bible to be the living Word of God, and it is the supreme authority of our Faith and practice.

We believe in the One Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, became man, without ceasing to be God. And that He purchased our redemption by dying on the Cross and rose again from the dead.
We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.
We believe that man was created perfect but when Adam sinned we acquired his sin.
We believe salvation is a gift of God, offered to man by Grace and received by personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.